private event policy

1. The Rabbit Hole event includes: a menu created and predefined with the guests, different special effects, a DJ (in the private rabbit events only) that accompanies the event with live music, waiting and kitchen crew. 


2. The Rabbit hole is responsible for the proper execution of the event, arrival and function of The Rabbit Hole staff and serving the custom menu agreed upon by the customer. 

3. It is the customers responsibility to arrange a suitable space for the duration of the meal and setup. This space must be viewed and agreed upon by The Rabbit Hole.

Cancellation and postponement\changes in the number of guests:


4.1 Up to 14 calendar days before the event- the customer will receive a full refund.

4.2 Up to 7 calendar days before the event- the customer will receive a 50% refund.

4.3 Under 7 calendar days before the event- The Rabbit Hole will receive the full payment and any changes are solely in the discretion of The Rabbit Hole. 

4.4 Any cancellation or change will be done only by Email ( the date will be determined by the day the email is received.

5. Cancellation due to extreme weather circumstances and\or circumstances not related to both sides and\or force majeure will award the customer an entrance to the next Rabbit Hole event with no charge. 


6. In case The Rabbit Hole is responsible for cancellation or postponement of the event the customer and guests will be able to scheduled a new event in any date with no extra charge or a full refund. 

7. In any case the customer\any of the guests are responsible for delay in schedule (of 30 minutes or more) in the day of the event, the customer must pay The Rabbit Hole an extra 40NIS per guest. this payment is due the day of the event. (this includes delays caused by- the availability of the venue to The Rabbit Tole staff, tardiness of guests for any reason, any mishap or issue not caused by The Rabbit Hole) 


8. Payment for The Private Rabbit\ Rabbit Chef events will be done by bit, credit card, or bank transfer on the date both sides agreed upon the future execution of the event.

9. This policy, client approvals and any digital correspondence (via WhatsApp, Email, Facebook, Instagram et cetera) constitute as proof of the client's approval to carry out The Rabbit Hole event.